AngelsFlesh; watching the fallen – my silent work of destruction

You don’t lay by my side anymore
And only the sound of silence reaches my heart;
So in the nightsky I watch angels falling like stars,
Watch them bursting and bleeding at the damn shells of my love:

They’re crashing and spitting
They slaughter and splitter
Throwing endless, symbols of perpetual love …

You don’t lay by my side anymore
And every second falls as slow as the dew;
So in this dreary emptiness every drop twinkles lonesome like an eye
And all laughter of angels dies by reason of silence from you.

You won’t lay by my side anymore
As we’ll find no word for past and future of us;
So under the dome of silence I will slaughter angels, like you
Slaughtered me by breaking out from our prison of love:

And looking at the flesh of the fallen –
Bloodless and pale: no love’s left inside;
Amidst the ruins I commemorate all
And plant new seeds of my love !!!

So it’s not yesterday anymore, and it’s not yet tomorrow
Where angels fall at the deepest grounds of my soul
Where distortion rises from the soundless cries of the pale
I ignite the perpetual pyres of sorrow
And drink to the new dawning of morning

Dagazhallen, 24. September 2001